Twitter Erupts Over “Sexist” New Samsung TV Commercial

Controversy erupted this Tuesday after a commercial for the latest Samsung LCD television was featured on TV Land during an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. The commercial begins with three men in their twenties sitting on a couch watching a football game. A symphony of percussion blares in the background as the camera shifts from the three men on the couch to a vibrant 65″ Samsung TV.

Twitter users are stunned by what is being perceived as a “sexist attempt by Samsung to sell televisions.” The controversy stems from the fact that only men are represented in the commercial. According to a Twitter poll, 98 percent of those offended by the ad are male, as the message purportedly puts societal pressure on them to like sports.

“I didn’t see a single woman in that new Samsung TV commercial,” tweeted Tyler Bronson, a 25-year-old man who binge-watches 90s sitcoms. “I don’t watch football. I can’t identify with those three men in the commercial. It’s offensive and sexist. #footballsucks #reversesexism”

Of course all the guys in that blatantly sexist Samsung commercial are muscular and good-looking,” added John Paisley, a 29-year-old caricature artist. “This hateful advertisement indicates that you have to obsess over sports to be ‘hip’ or ‘cool’. It’s disgusting. #stophate #bansamsung”

TV Land has since pulled the Samsung ad and replaced it with an Instant Pot commercial featuring three women cooking in the kitchen.