Brave Twitter User Endorses All Retweets

Thirty-two-year-old Twitter user Jacob Warren made a declaration on Monday to endorse all of his retweets, something many of his followers are calling daring and brave. In addition to issuing the statement in an individual tweet, Warren went a step further and updated his profile section from saying “Retweet does not = endorsement” to “Retweet = 100% endorsement.”

“I’m coming out today to say that moving forward I endorse every piece of content I retweet #ThatsRightIDidit,” Warren’s post read. He added in a second tweet posted 12 seconds later that he is “going to see how things go. I’m hoping I’m still employed by the end of the week! #PleaseDontFireMe”

Several of Warren’s followers replied on the post, saying it was a courageous act that most Twitter users would never dare considering. “There’s no way I could do it,” commented one follower with the handle @ObsessiveRetweeter. “Endorsing your tweets makes you so vulnerable. This guy’s really putting himself out there.”