White Man Checks His Privilege by Checking His Banking Account

A white man in Sioux Falls, South Dakota made a decision on Thursday to literally check his privilege by checking how much money was in his bank account. A 28-year-old social media analyst, Timothy Taylor heard several of his co-workers discussing the issue of “white privilege” and so he thought it would be important to see if he would be categorized as a “privileged white man.”

Mr. Taylor immediately logged into his Bank of America checking account. Finding that there was $781.12 in the account, he then asked his co-workers if he had accumulated enough wealth to be considered privileged. “I already qualify for the ‘white part,'” he told them, “I’m just not sure about the other part.”

Taylor was told that he exceeded the “$500 threshold” and therefore he does indeed suffer from white privilege. Later that day, $201.12 for Taylor’s electric bill was drawn from his account, leaving him in a confused existential state. He later gained clarity after recalling his co-workers suggest that as a white man you should continuously check your privilege.