Wife Comes Very Close to Not Scolding Husband For Leaving Toilet Seat Up

Jessica Turner, a 24-year-old woman in Arlington, Texas, almost fought the urge to scold her husband on Thursday after he recklessly forgot to put the toilet seat down. While in the end she did end up scolding him, Mrs. Turner came very close to keeping it to herself or giving her husband a polite reminder to put the seat down in the future.

“I tried really hard,” she explained to TrollWire’s Andy Coop. “But I kept thinking about how my bare bottom touched that filthy seat. I’m supposed to just let that go?”

During his scolding, Mr. Turner protested that he was in a hurry because his mother had been in a potentially fatal car accident and he was in a rush to get to the hospital. He added that he wasn’t in the right mindset, because he thought his mother might have died.

“It was a decent excuse,” Mrs. Turner admitted. “But that’s all it was… an excuse. It takes a two seconds tops to put down the seat. I expect more from him.”