Wise Man Worries About Getting His Wisdom Teeth Removed

A wise man in Townsend, Tennessee expressed concern on Tuesday after discovering he would have to get his wisdom teeth removed. Thomas O’Leary, who in 2016 was voted the “wisest man of Townsend,” was told by his dentist that without oral surgery he may suffer from a condition known as “overcrowding of the teeth.”

Mr. O’Leary’s primary concern is that when his wisdom teeth are removed some of his intellectual wisdom will go along with them. “I’ve heard of that happening,” said the wise man, who was visibly shaking during an interview with local media. “The teeth go and poof… your intelligence just disappears.”

Some Townsend residents are now questioning Mr. O’Leary’s intellect, suggesting that he may not be as wise as he seems. “It’s lunacy,” exclaimed a local pundit. “Anyone who believes that there’s some connection between intellectual wisdom and a few teeth in the back of your mouth can’t be all that wise.”