Woman Dyes Her Hair Blonde and Promptly Forgets Her Natural Hair Color

A 24-year-old woman in Anchorage, Alaska dyed her hair blonde last week and ended up forgetting her natural hair color that same evening. Four hours after leaving the hair salon, Trisha Foreman went on a blind date that was set up by her former college roommate.

When she met her date that evening, he complimented her appearance, saying she was even more beautiful than he expected. She exclaimed, “Oh, it must be my new hair color!”

Her date, a man by the name of John Blankenship, responded, “Well it looks fantastic. I’m curious, what is your natural hair color?”

Ms. Foreman stared blankly, unable to remember the hair color that she’s lived with her entire life. The date ended unsuccessfully when she tripped on a step on the way out of the restaurant, breaking her nose and requiring 16 stitches in her upper lip.