Woman Kicked Off Flight For Sniffling Says She Was Only Crying Because Boyfriend Broke Up With Her

A woman flying from Yuma, Arizona to Phoenix was kicked off an American Airlines flight on Thursday after passengers expressed concern about her having the coronavirus. Three minutes before takeoff, passengers seated near the 23-year-old Phoebe Martin heard a soft sniffle. “Coronavirus!” yelled an overweight man sitting directly behind the allegedly infected woman. “She sniffled! That woman has the coronavirus! Get her off the plane!”

When confronted by flight attendants, Ms. Martin contested that she was not sick, but rather she was sniffling away tears because her boyfriend had just broken up with her publicly on Facebook. Still, flight officials took precautionary measures and removed the seemingly aggrieved woman from the plane.

“No, I do not have the coronavirus,” Martin explained to TrollWire’s very own Andy Coop. “My ex-boyfriend posted on my Facebook feed a Game of Thrones meme that said, ‘It’s over.’ Obviously, the reason I was sniffling was because I was crying.”

Update: New reports indicate that the reason Martin’s boyfriend broke up with her was because she was recently diagnosed with the coronavirus.