Study: Women Named “Karen” Experience Far Worse Customer Service Than Others

According to a new study by Harvard University, women with the name “Karen” are now experiencing 16 percent worse customer service than men and women who are not named Karen. The study analyzed the quality of customer service in the hospitality industry, as well as tech support services via phone and online chat.

The results have sparked outrage from Karens across the United States, as many always suspected that they suffer from a poor customer service experience.

“Everywhere I go, the service sucks,” said Karen Jergenson, a stay-at-home mother who runs her own multi-level marketing business. “Just the other day, I ordered a large vanilla latte with two pumps of blueberry and the incompetent barista added two-and-half pumps!”

Women’s groups are up in arms as the study also revealed that the small minority of men who are named Karen experience above-average customer service quality.