You Guys Gotta Do Something About These COVID Restrictions

A letter to the editor…

Angel Grove – Yo, Tiger here. As usual, it’s been awhile since I’ve written in. I’ve been busy with my plants. And I’ve been spending a lot of time protesting these stupid COVID restrictions. You know, those restrictions that are ruining our lives?

Like, get this…. The Taco Bell by my house has been restricted to three percent capacity. Did you hear me? Three percent capacity! Meanwhile, the Chic-fil-A across the street is restricted to eight percent. Does that seem racist to you?

You all claim to have sway in this town, so maybe you can have a chat with the health department? Or maybe you have dirt on some corrupt county official? I’m sure you do. You’re always digging up something and sensationalizing it for the whole town to see.

Or you’ll just sit there writing the same stupid stories, focusing on national news, rather than the real news that impacts Angel Grove residents. You’re probably in bed with them. Yeah… I bet that’s it. You’re in the government’s pockets, just like every media outlet in this godforsaken country.

Anyways, if you can – and if you will – please do something. I’m sick of the drive thru. It doesn’t offer the full dining experience.