YouTube Endorses Biden Hoping to Curate More “Gaffe Content”

YouTube announced on Wednesday that the company is endorsing Joe Biden for the 2020 presidential election in hopes that the Democratic candidate will add to the platform’s growing number of “gaffe-related” videos. The video-sharing network acknowledged that while the current President has prompted some decent user-generated satire, research shows that viewers prefer authentic, real-life experiences.

“Based on our market research, gaffe compilations get a lot of hits,” said YouTube spokesman Mark Perry, who used to intern for the popular YouTube channel The Young Turks. “We believe Mr. Biden has an edge over Trump in this category. The Democratic candidate will provide more engaging content for our users.”

When asked by reporters what he thought about the endorsement, the presidential hopeful responded, “Oooh, it’s fantastic. I’ve always been a big fan of that band.”