Yes, Zoo Animals Should Get More Maternity Leave than Zoo Workers

A letter to the editor…

Dawson’s Creek – Hey, guys… I have a comment to make on Harriet’s recent article about that zoo where the polar bear got longer maternity leave than the zoo’s employees.

Honestly, I don’t know what to make of it. I can’t tell if Harriet is for the idea, against it, or truly being objective. I’m sure she has some kind of agenda. And as Tiger noted in one of his recent letters, that woman isn’t a journalist. She’s a hack.

The mere fact that she reported this story leads me to believe that she disagrees with the idea that an animal locked up in a zoo shouldn’t get adequate maternity leave to take care of her little cub. As an animal rights’ activist, I find this despicable.

Humans are evil, vile creatures. We lock up these animals so we can gawk at them and exploit them like those paparazzi scumbags.

My point is, watch your reporting. Your writers always seem to have some kind of agenda. Pesos might be right… I think it’s time to clean house.